African-American Achievements

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African-American Achievements 

How many do you know?  

Mary Van Brittan Brown  

 1st Home Security System 

Elijah McCoy  

Automative lubricators that improved the safety and efficiency of train engines; invented the  ironing board; invented the lawn sprinkler  

Lewis Latimer  

The carbon filament that allowed the lightbulb to stay on long (Edison’s filament only allowed  the light to stay on for 2-3 days ); Latimer’s bulb was immediately contracted for use in NYC,  Philadelphia, and Canada at the time of its invention 

Granville Woods  

Invented the induction telegraph that allowed messages to go between trains ;Improved steam  boiler furnace; improved telephone transmitter; improved automatic airbrakes 

Garrett Morgan  

Invented the Gas Mask; Invented Automated Street Signal Lights used today 

Frederick McKinley Jones  

1st Truck refrigeration system used to transport foods to restaurants today as well as blood  products to hospitals; ticket dispensing machine 

Charles Drew  

 Developed the method of separating and preserving blood for transfusions  and helped set up the 1st blood plasma bank 

Meredith Gourdine  

Invented an EGD Generator-produced energy at low cost and with no moving parts; Incineraid,  a machine that decreased pollution from incinerator smoke 

Ernest Wilkins, Jr.  

Invented a shield against gamma rays 

James C. Evans  

Developed a method that prevents icing on planes 

Dr. Robert Bayless  

Invented carbonless paper 

James Parsons, Jr.  

InventedCorrosion-resistant alloy steel 

Isaac R. Johnson  

Invented a Bicycle Frame that could be taken apart

John Albert Burr  

Rotary Lawnmower 

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams.  

First open-heart surgery

Lincoln Hawkins  

Co-inventor of anti-oxidizing agents that are the basis of long-lasting plastic ( Duration, 70  years) 

Dr. Benjamin Carson  

1st separation of siamese twins joined at the head 

Alexander Miles  

Automatic elevator doors used today 

James E. West  

Co-inventor of the compact microphone used for recording, cellphones, hearing aids etc. 

Alice H. Parker  

Invented the central heating furnace that uses natural gas 

Mark Dean  

Invented Gigahertz processor, co-invented the PC and ISA bus, developed the color monitor  for computers 

Thomas Jennings  

Dry scouring, a dry-cleaning process for delicate clothing  

Dr. Patricia Bath  

Invented the laser cataract treatment device known as The Laserphaco Probe used to remove  cataracts less invasively than surgery 

Katherine Johnson  

 was the brains behind the first manned spacecraft and moon landing 

Gladys West  

The genius mathematician whose calculations led to the invention of the GPS system that we  use today 

Shirley Jackson  

 Played a lead role in development of caller ID and call waiting, touch-tone telephone, fax , fiber  optic cables 

Annie Easley  

Her mathematical genius led to the development of the technology behind the shuttle space  and satellite launches 

Kizzmekia Corbett  

A key player in the development of the Covid-10 vaccine

Dr. Louis Thompkins Wright  

Invented the neck brace that is worn today and neck injuries; invented a unique blade plate for  the surgical treatment of knee fractures 

Percy Julian  

First to produce synthetic Physostigmine, a drug then used to treat Glaucoma; invented Aero Foam to put out oil fires; developed synthetic hormones, which led to the development of  BCP’s; developed synthetic cortisone used for the treatment for arthritis/ inflammatory  conditions, asthma 

Kerrie Holley  

Inventor of system that locates mobile devices using location and presence 

Mary Jones DeLeon  

Invented a cooking apparatus that was the predecessor of today’s buffet warming system 

 Sarah Goode  

Invented the folding cabinet chair 

Judy W. Reed  

Invented the dough kneader and roller 

Sandra Johnson  

Along with her team,Invented the IBM system that beat Kasperov at chess 

George Crum  

Invented potato chips 

George Washington Carver  

Multiple inventions using the peanuts 

Lonnie George Johnson  

Inventor of the Super-Soaker 

George Edward Alcorn  

Imaging Xray Spectrometer 

Benjamin Banneker  

Responsible for the surveying of Washington,D.C which led to its present layout; he also wrote  many almanacs 

Otis Boykin  

Invented the Artificial Pacemaker control unit 

Norbert Rillieux  

Invented a process that revolutionized the production of sugar from cane. Today this method  continues to be used to produce sugar as well as soap glue, gelatin (jello), and condensed milk 

George Carrothers  

Inventor of the UV camera and spectrograph used to launch the Apollo 16 rocket

Charles Chappelle  

Invented the long-distance flight airplane 

David Crosthwait  

Heating, ventilation and air conditiong engineer with 40 patents in this field 

  1. Don Sarreals  

Key player in development of the first radio weather station; CEO of Nexrad, the system used  for evaluating weather by radar 

“Skip” Clarence Ellis  

Invented Office Talk software 

Bessie Blount Griffin  

Invented the Amputee self-feeding device 

Matthew Henson  

Along with Robert Peary was the were the 1st to reach the North Pole 

Joseph Lee  

Invented a machine that made bread into breadcrumbs for restaurants and others; invented a  mixing and kneading machine for making bread 

Ernest Just  

Revealed the structure of the cell membrane 

Jerry Lawson  

Invented the fist programmable video game console (ROM cartridge-base) 

Raphael Carl Lee  

Invented therapies for scar treatment, and protective garments 

Archia Ross  

Invented the garment hanger, broom holder, trouser stretcher, bag closure device, stoop runner 

Walter Sammons  

Invented the hot comb 

Dawn N. Ward  

 Invented chemical treatment for Hepatitis C 

Jane C. Wright  

Pioneered treatment of breast cancer with the drug Methotrexate 

THIS CONCLUDES OUR PRESENTATION OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN ACHIEVEMENTS. Now, it’s up to you to stir up the gift that God has placed inside of you, to use it for His glory,  and to be a blessing to mankind!