Bishop Kim S. Fitzgerald’s Biography

Bishop Kim S. Fitzgerald is the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ’s fourth Diocesan Bishop for the state of Ohio. At a young age he gave His life to Christ, and continued to pursue Christ throughout his adolescence. It was in medical school that he received a call to ministry. He was installed as the pastor of New Bethlehem Apostolic Church in Cleveland, Ohio in 1986 after his ordination as an Elder in the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. This Church later became the Victorious Church of Christ, where he is currently pastoring. In 2005, he was promoted to District Elder under the leadership of Apostle James A. Maye, and in 2012, he was consecrated to the Bishopric, where he now serves as the Ohio Diocesan Bishop of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the secular realm, Bishop Fitzgerald is a physician, currently practicing in Cleveland, Ohio. His love for the Lord is what allows him to practice with such excellence and compassion.