Ohio Home Missions
District Elder Kenneth Newton, Director

Mission Statement: Working to develop a healthy balance between the organism and the organization of Church by rendering them alive and legal. The above statement is in addition to the founding purpose to create the availability of financial help to churches in need for various projects.

Vision Statement: to become a multifaceted, multi-dimensional and multi-purpose organization. We are dedicated and designed to target individuals and/or organizations with transferable skills, talents and resources, which result in service, solutions and success for the body of Christ and the broader human family.

Multifaceted – in that it serves a diverse cross section of spiritual and human needs.

Multi-dimensional – in that it provides solutions for individuals and/or organizations in an ecclesiastical and humanitarian environment.
Multi-purpose – in that it is designed to work as an open and synergistic system in efforts to serve a broad range of ministry needs. Our aim is to specialize in creating opportunities for success for Pastors, community & social leaders and otherwise disadvantaged individuals and organizations seeking the availability of spiritual, financial, academic and humanitarian solutions.

Ministry Commitment – The Ohio Home Missions organization is dedicated to the effective and efficient use of both its financial and human resources by being accountable to leadership and by creating an environment, which recognizes and rewards skilled contributions.

In addition, we will provide developmental opportunities for gifted individuals and groups to grow by exercising their ministry gifts and receive training for future ministry needs. It is our aim to seek out and employ the best gifts, skills and talents to reach the state of Ohio with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is “the power of God unto salvation”.