The Mission Statement

The music for the state convocation enhances worship when it is Christ centered, offering another was of delivering the message of God’s love and salvation through Christ.  The power of our music is to touch people’s heart in a meaningful way.  Our commitment to musical excellence is demonstrated by giving our utmost for the highest as we strive to foster and nurture the growth of God’s gift of music in his people.

Our vision is to see growth and enhancement in our individual church music ministries and also the growth of our state music department.

How do we operate?
Currently we solicit members through flyers sent to the churches and word of mouth.  We have rehearsals in Cleveland at Pilgrim and also in Columbus at the different churches.  Bro. Phil Smedley and I choose songs and he coordinates the musicians.

How can our operation improve?

  • By having contact with all minister of music on the local level
  • Pastors encouraging at least five members from the church to participate in the choir.
  • Maybe I need to travel to the different churches and pump up the state of Ohio music ministry.