Our Mission:
To exalt the Lord, to edify, build up and equip spirit filled women to minister to women of all ages spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Our Vision:
To have each woman effectively using her gifts to further the work of the Lord.

How you presently operate:
By setting Goals:

• To provide programs where women and girls can focus wholly on seeking God
• To strengthen women spiritually and naturally through concentrated teaching
• To provide an environment for unbelievers to be ministered to in a non threatening way.
• Training our youth today to be leaders for tomorrow.

How to improve it:
• Continue to provide programs to meet the needs of each and every women or girl that we come in contact with.
• Training is essential for all ages.
• Become more evangelistic- Reaching out for other women. (Church, home, community, and job)
• Remember to encourage one another – “Challenges for today are my success for tomorrow”
• To develop teams to evangelize /network with or through other churches, ministries, media, radio etc., before our annual meeting, retreat or event.
• Working with other group and auxiliaries to unite in one common goal winning souls for Christ

Sis. Josephine Tyson, President

Sis. Doris Campbell, Vice President