Theme for Vacation Bible School 2018: Powered Up

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Looking for a theme for this year’s Vacation Bible School? Feel free to go with the following theme and emphases to get your kids plugged into the Kingdom of God with power! Accompanying VBS 2018 Music will be available soon.


DAY #1 Connected to God through Prayer

DAY #2 Connected to God through His Word

DAY #3 THE EMPOWERMENT:  Connected to God through the Infilling of the Holy Spirit

DAY #4 SALVATION’S PLAN; Rehearsal for Day #5 Program

DAY #5 Final Rehearsal and Closing Program


  • Day #1 IPhones and Galaxy phones are great, having the ability to make calls, Instagram, text, take pictures, keep up with daily tasks, watch movies, play games, and to read on; but nothing happens with any of our souped-up gadgets or devices until they are powered up. So it is that we must be hooked up to God in order for all the potential that is in us to be harnessed; and there are a lot of great things that people are waiting for and are in need of that we were designed to do. When we hear the Word of God and believe the Word of God, we are drawn to the Savior, drawn to know Him more through prayer, and through meditation on and obedience to His Word.
  • Day #2 God’s Word is the Word of His Power. Hook up with God’s Word to get plugged into God’s system. This begins the process that separates us from destructive unfruitful work to the exciting fruitful work that God has for us
  • Day #3 The Holy Spirit puts in us power from on high to be God’s witnesses, to be His vessels of power in order that signs, wonders, and miracles of God be seen through us; it is the power that raptures us up to be with Jesus when He returns for His Church, the Bride of Christ. He leads us into all the Truth.
  • Day #4 The Word shows us the complete picture of a people that were messed up by sin (wrong-doing), but loved by a Savior Who humbly came to Earth to cleanse us by the Blood of Jesus, and to bring us back to His loving arms. The steps God gives for this are as follows: 1- Repent, 2- Be baptized in Jesus’ name, 3- Be filled with the Holy Spirit 4- Continue in this new-found liberty by walking in the Word (doing as it says and you will be blessed in what you do), and keeping yourself unspotted from the world.

Curriculum by Lady Elaine Fitzgerald. (Copyright 2018)